Reduce risk and uncertainty by leveraging the world’s largest commercial cloud platform from Microsoft — a single unified platform for productivity and business applications augmented by powerful data and AI services.

D365 for Sales
Bring automation, AI-driven analytics, and modern digital collaboration integrated into familiar tools such as Office365, Teams, and LinkedIn. This isn’t your traditional give me data CRM system. It’s a customer engagement tool designed to provide valuable insights to you.

D365 for Service
A holistic unified service solution that provides portals, field and project service automation, in additional to an omni-channel engagement hub. Bring augmented intelligence into your customer service operations and enhance your operational efficiency.

D365 for Talent
Recruit and attract talent with tools and applicant tracking capabilities seamlessly integrated into O365 and LinkedIn. Create a personalized onboarding experience with core HR self -service and an improved employee experience.

For small applications Forrester estimates that the average cost to develop an application is 70% less when using PowerApps and Flow. A service that lets you build business apps that run on any browser, phone, or tablet.

Power BI and Azure Analytics

You can turn your data processing efforts into analytics and reports that provide real -time insights into your business. Whether your data processing is cloud-based or on-premises, straightforward or complex, single-sourced or massively scaled, warehoused or real-time, Azure and Power BI have the built-in connectivity and integration to bring your business intelligence efforts to life.

Azure: AI and Machine Learning

Take ordinary actions and optimize them regardless of platform. Microsoft has developed a prolific AI and Machine Learning offering to minimize our challenges and amplify our strengths. To do this Microsoft provides a Bot Framework that can be easily integrated into popular channels. Azure Machine Learning and Intelligent Applications provide the most powerful augmented intelligence experience available today.

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