Knowledge is the force that safeguards and supercharges your technology investment. We give your people the ability to turn auspicious new solutions into self-sustaining models for success.

Inspire with positive change and continuous learning

Training & communication roadmap
Reinforce the change to a new solution with a guide for the people who work with it and a plan for the people who are impacted by it.
User guides and job aids
Speed up comprehension around tools and processes with manuals and quick reference guides.
Build confidence with hands-on instruction and step-by-step exercises that target specific, practical objectives to develop competencies.

Communication content
Communicate the reasons behind your organizational changes and highlight their benefits to your employees’ day-to-day experience.
Learning modules and how-to videos
Give your employees the tools to thrive in new circumstances with content for your internal learning management systems or self-service platforms that provide training on-demand.
Change management playbooks
Navigate the organizational landscape, secure executive sponsorship, and communicate the “Why” to the organization and individual to reduce the risk of adoption issues

5-Day Microsoft Dynamics Bootcamp

In just one week, we’ll help you build up a core team to administer and operationalize your solutions. We’ll teach them about unified interface customization, search, entities, record types, and more —  putting them on the path to proficiency with process automation and data analysis.

  • D365 Overview
  • D365 for Marketing
  • D365 for Sales
  • D365 Administration
  • D365 Customization
  • D365 Automation and Analytics
  • PowerApps
  • Power BI

Get custom training and change management

Learn exactly what you need to know with content developed by Microsoft Business Application MVPs, customized for your specific D365 environment and team. We place an emphasis on customer and employee needs, connecting technology with business strategy through hands-on labs for fast knowledge transfer.

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