About Us

Tackling a tough challenge with the right people can be the most rewarding experience in business. At the end of the day, it’s all about yours and the team’s success — not the technology.

What we believe

Find success and have fun
Wake up every day and go to work on a problem you like with people you love. Drive results with open and authentic communication. Help everyone involved in the effort see the bigger picture and align around common goals. Find success for the customer, team, community, and yourself.

Feeling challenged is healthy
We need you to challenge us with complex problems that we can solve with your stakeholders. Often growth can be uncomfortable — especially when the status quo stands in the way of your success. We will challenge you with genuine care and our sincere commitment to find a better way.

Experience defeats risk
It is well documented that implementing these solutions can present risks. Our advantage: we’ve been there, done that. We know where projects and programs break down. More often than not, we know how fix or prevent it. If we encounter something new, our principles of transparency and resourcefulness will keep us moving forward together.

You’re the star
You own the outcome — and the credit. We’re just here to provide you with a deep well of expertise to draw knowledge from, remove the risk of failure, and create the self-sufficiency you and your teams need to be successful in the future. We celebrate self-motivated, lifelong learners with a passion to improve and innovate.

Our leadership

Sheila Shahpari
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Sheila Shahpari is a software engineer and Microsoft Business Applications MVP. She has served in many roles within the professional services industry starting her career as a programmer and software development consultant. Her recent experience includes a learning and development leadership and technical architect role at Avanade and practice lead for a regional Microsoft Partner. Sheila also provides technical guidance and services to start-ups in the AI and business application space. She specializes in Enterprise Architecture, Delivery Leadership, Capability Development, CRM, Enterprise Search, AI, and Software Development. In her spare time, she is active in numerous technical communities, and is involved with various nonprofits. In addition, she is an active runner and musician (though not at the same time), and is currently attempting the title of whiskey connoisseur.

Nick Spallitta
Chief Customer Officer, Co-Founder

After more than fifteen years of experience in sales, consulting, and leadership Nick has learned how to solve complex problems in pragmatic ways helping hundreds of customers find success with customer and employee experience solutions. He joined Paritta Group to help customers find a better way to achieve success after bootstrapping a small start-up that built a People Analytics platform for managing performance and engagement data.  Prior to that, Nick was part of the CRM Practice leadership team at Hitachi Solutions and worked at Sonoma Partners (now E&Y).  Nick started his career in enterprise software sales at TALX corporation (now Equifax) offering human resources and tax credit solutions to Fortune 500 customers.

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