Service Automation

It’s amazing what faster, more personalized care can do for customer loyalty. We bring a proactive, customer-obsessed dimension to your service processes.

Turn agents into champions
Surface critical content the moment it’s needed. Agents can identify needs and resolve issues toward the right business outcomes without input from managers or excessive amounts of training.

Help customers help themselves
Build a unified knowledge base from content across multiple channels — then intelligently route customers to it. You’ll free up your agents for cases that need one-on-one attention the most.

Eliminate service silos
Integrate CTI, social media channels, self-service portals and other key systems so your agents can create a seamless service experience for customers in a single unified interface.

Draw insights from interactions
Measure elusive KPIs like talk-to-listen ratio. With data from every chat and call, you can coach agents, increase output, and lower the cost to serve. Start layering in AI to measure emotion and behavioral patterns within calls.

Simplify field service

Optimize scheduling by automatically matching techs with support cases according to best fit — accounting for inventory, regulations, SLA, geography, availability, and more. Once in the field, ensure flawless service with a single, shared view of the customer for dispatchers and techs alike.

Run projects right

When sales and service use the same platform, the result is accurate quotes, good contracts, and a smooth handoff. That’s how to start. How do you deliver? Use AI to pick the perfect crew, and keep projects on track with detailed time, work, and billing analytics that everyone can see.

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